24 Feb 2016

Venison prices sizzling

2:07 pm on 24 February 2016

A four-year high in venison prices reflects good demand in overseas markets and favourable currency movements, farmers say.

Deer Industry NZ chief executive Dan Coup said at $8.63, the spring peak of the 2015 venison schedule was 11 percent higher than 2014 and the highest since 2011.

Venison prices peak each year in spring in response to demand from traditional game meat markets in Europe.

Mr Coup said demand for chilled venison during the 2015 season was solid, with air freight shipments continuing up to Christmas.

The average stag venison schedule stands at $7.28 per kilogram - an increase of 16 percent compared with last year.

Mr Coup said that reflected an 11 percent currency gain and a 5 percent market gain.

Overall venison exports dropped in volume by 5 percent to just about 15,000 tonnes.

A key industry objective was to build year-round demand for chilled venison at premium prices in new and existing markets, he said.