30 Jul 2010

Protests in India against NZ milk imports

11:59 am on 30 July 2010

Federated Farmers says political protests in India against imports of dairy products from New Zealand are disappointing.

Indian media report that members of the Hindu nationalist party, Shiv Sena, drained thousands of litres of milk from six tankers, south of Mumbai this week, in protest at a decision to allow New Zealand imports.

They say the imports will undercut Indian farmers.

Fonterra says the protests are concerning and it's consulting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

However, the company says it's confident Indian authorities will manage the issue appropriately.

Federated Farmers says the disruption is disappointing, but India is a democracy and people have a right to express their opinion.

Dairy chairman Lachlan McKenzie says he regrets any waste of a wholesome food like milk.