1 Aug 2014

Techion teams up with Sainsburys

6:50 am on 1 August 2014

Sainsbury's will support the cost of implementing Techion's technology both in New Zealand and in Britain through the two-year project.

The project also includes the New Zealand's meat processor, Alliance Group, and the British food companies, Dunbia and Randall Parker Foods.

Techion Group chief executive Greg Mirams said the new digital device was easy for farmers to use.

"They don't have to look down a microscope, they just prep a sample, load the device, fill out a sub-form online and the image goes up to the internet. My technicians can be anywhere. They can go online, read the sample for the farmer and the result comes back via email and is recorded online and all those things."

Mr Mirams said it was from networks formed in Europe between 2006 and 2010-11 through a big European Union project that was the catalyst for the relationship with Sainsburys.