25 Jul 2014

Stock feed still needed in Northland

9:40 am on 25 July 2014

Northland Rural Support Trust co-ordinator Julie Jonker says farms are are going to need supplies of feed to get stock through the winter after the severe storm and flooding in the region.

Trust co-ordinator Julie Jonker said there had been an overwhelming response to the call for feed and the first five loads of haylage and hay were delivered on Tuesday and were now being distributed to those most in need.

She said five more loads were coming from Eastern Bay of Plenty, with some more possibly coming from Taranaki.

"We have a prioritised list so we can make sure the people in greatest need (get feed). But if people need feed and they are struggling then they obviously need to call the 0800 number, because if they're not in our system, then we honestly don't know that they're there. "

Ms Jonker said as well as supplying feed, people were helping in other ways - including donating to help subsidise the cost of transporting the feed to Northland.

"And we are still looking for donations to help with that because that's quite a big cost when you're bringing them from further downfield."

Ms Jonker said the Rural Support Trust had used extra Government funding to set up a feed co-ordination team and employ someone to help organise Taskforce Green workers. There are now eight people working for the trust as well as six ag-recovery facilitators.

The rural support trust number is 0800 RURAL HELP or 0800 787 254.