20 Jun 2014

Electric farm bike under development

6:47 am on 20 June 2014

Developers of an electric farm bike are hoping to put their idea into production over the next year.

Anthony Clyde and Darryl Neal's Ranger-two wheel drive Lightweight Electric Farm Bike won two innovation awards at the Agricultural Fieldays.

Darryl Neal said the bike had been on the drawing board for about three years, but it was a rush to get a prototype built to display at the fieldays.

He said the concept grew from people who wanted to use bicycles on farms.

"So the normal bike that you would pedal, that has an electric motor, people have been wanting to use them for work and the tyres are too small, the power is too low and they can't carry loads, so we've decided to build a purpose built bike that is lightweight, has big tyres, lots of power and traction and can be used for what ever work purposes people want to use it for", he said.

"The obvious big advantage is that it's silent, so if you're working round stock or in an area where you could be disturbing people, the lack of noise is a major advantage. Also we've built this bike to be two-wheel drive, so both the wheels are driven, which means on loose and wet surfaces it provides excellent traction and doesn't damage the ground."

Darryl Neal said fully charged up, the electric bike would run for 100 kilometres, which they estimated would cover a full day's work on the farm.