17 Jun 2014

Vineyards try for more sustainability

2:00 pm on 17 June 2014

The New Zealand wine industry has launched a new project to increase its levels of sustainability.

About 2000 wineries and vineyards have started using a computer-based reporting and scorecard 'wine industry sustainability engine' (Wise) to record and manage operations to ensure they meet international sustainability standards.

Philip Manson of NZ Winegrowers said the industry had focused on sustainable production for the last 20 years and the new system will help advance it even further.

"An improved software platform helps growers record their activities and get reports back quickly on how they are performing in relative to others".

He said the winery or vineyard fills out an annual scorecard which covers a range of activities across their production. Growers know the international standards they need to meet, but can strive for better if they choose.

Mr Manson said sustainable production was really a requirement, not an option, in today's market.

"Lets face it, it is the right thing to do and we have been trying to make it easier for our growers to record what they are doing and be recognised for that."