27 May 2014

Motorists asked to be patient as cows move

11:07 am on 27 May 2014

Motorists are asked to be keep an eye out for stock on the roads over the next few weeks.

As the end of the dairy season approaches, farmers around the country will be shifting stock between farms - sometimes on trucks and sometimes on the hoof.

"If motorists be a little bit patient when there is stock and that on the road and just be a bit vigilant of that knowing that over the next week or so there will be more trucks and even stock being drove along the road so just a little bit of patience a little bit of understanding,'' said Federated Farmers Otago president Stephen Korteweg.

''I mean we're all just trying to do our best, so it makes it a lot better if people don't get too impatient and upset about things because it's already stressful enough for everybody as it is."

Cattle on the move in Golden Bay.

Cattle on the move in Golden Bay. Photo: PHOTO NZ (file)