9 May 2014

Benefits of trees on farms promoted

7:12 am on 9 May 2014

The benefits that strategic planting of trees can offer farmers is being discussed at a Trees on Farms workshop on the South Island's West Coast on Friday.

The workshops, run by the Farm Forestry Association and the Sustainable Farming Fund, are being held throughout the South Island in May.

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Project manager Harriet Palmer said the workshops were designed to show farmers how trees could help with a variety of issues and could increase biodiversity, income, animal welfare and environmental outcomes.

Ms Palmer said trees could even help with market access.

"So for example we were talking yesterday to a farmer in Marlborough who had a meat buyer from Waitrose in the UK on his farm, on a day when it was 30 degrees.

"And the only thing that this guy was interested in was the fact that the sheep had shade.

"And you know he was able to show how he had scattered trees in his paddock and the guy from Waitrose went away happy that he was buying meat from this farm."

Three workshops will also be held in Northland at the end of May.