12 Aug 2013

Students help with animal progeny programme

6:32 am on 12 August 2013

A new generation of budding famers is learning first-hand about genetic selection and animal performance.

Students at the Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre at Koromiko farm in Wairarapa are helping with the sheep industry's central progeny trial programme.

The programme aims to develop sheep selection tools to help farmers working on a variety of land types.

Koromiko farm manager Shayne Rankin said the students at the training centre are helping to monitor the performance of rams on hard hill country.

He said they have artifically inseminated 800 ewes this year for the start of the three year trial.

Mr Rankin said in most educational institutes students would only learn about such things in the classroom and would not get to actually experience them.

"This way they actually get to be involved in everything from putting feeders in the ewes through to weighing and recording information ... to assisting the vets and the technicians in the actual process of the insemination," he said.