1 Jul 2013

Govt urged to speed up on pesticide law changes

2:03 pm on 1 July 2013

The organisation representing the agricultural chemical industry says the Government is dragging its feet in bringing in legislation to clear the way for less harmful pesticides.

After a two year review the Environmental Protection Authority has banned the use of insecticides containing 10 highly toxic organophosphate and carbamate ingredients due to their health and environmental risks.

Seven others, including diazinon used to control grass grub, are to be phased out over a period of up to 15 years.

But the organisation AGCARM says farmers and growers face the prospect of not having access to the available replacement insecticides because the Government still hasn't moved to change intellectual property protection laws covering the new compounds.

Green Party agricultural spokesperson Steffan Browning says farmers should stop using organophosphates now to protect themselves and their families and not wait for the official phase-out periods.