25 Jan 2013

Water warnings

12:37 pm on 25 January 2013

There are more warnings of water restrictions as parts of the country dry out.

Irrigation restrictions are already in force in Hawke's Bay where the effects of low summer rainfall are most marked.

Now, Northland Regional Council is also warning water users to prepare for possible shortages and restrictions unless there is significant rain over the next month or two.

Hydrology programme manager Dale Hansen said rain over the past several months has been significantly lower than usual in many parts of Northland.

He said low soil moisture levels are likely to continue and river flows and ground water levels are expected to fall further in February and March if the region does not receive sufficient rain.

Waikato Regional Council is also watching conditions closely.

Chairman Peter Buckley, a north Waikato dairy farmer, said soil moisture levels in the region are down on normal for this time of year.