27 May 2009

Little support from farmers for wool promotion funding

6:54 am on 27 May 2009

The chairman of Meat and Wool New Zealand does not think there will be enough support to resurrect spending on wool promotion, based on feedback from farmers so far.

The body is holding a round of consultation meetings with farmers before they vote later in the year on funding it for another five years, with levies raised from their sheepmeat, beef and wool.

Farmers rejected funding for wool promotion when Meat and Wool New Zealand was created out of the former producer boards.

Chairman Mike Petersen says as part of the current discussions it is testing the idea of a levy for some market development work for wool, similar to what is done for meat.

But about a third of the way through the consultation meetings, he does not think the support is there.

Farmers will vote in August on whether to renew Meat and Wool New Zealand's levy funding.