19 Nov 2012

Last chance for farmers to have say in wool marketing

9:55 am on 19 November 2012

Wools of New Zealand begins the second week of its road show on Monday aimed at encouraging farmers to invest $10 million to help market and sell strong wool overseas.

The farmer-owned promotional company, which is committed to improving the long-term farmgate returns for wool, is holding 46 meetings over four weeks.

Chairman Mark Shadbolt says attendance at last week's 13 meetings in Poverty Bay, Hawke's Bay and Wairarapa ranged from average to disappointing.

He says farmers can't afford to be apathetic and is confident those who invest in the company will benefit.

Mr Shadbolt says many young farmers are bitter about farming at the moment because they are seeing low wool and meat returns.

He says that's the underlying problem with the industry which needs to invest in its future.

"It's a targeted marketing company dealing with the customer right out at the consumer end of the market, so it's a targeted approach, that requires investment and it requires time."

Mr Shadbolt says Wools of New Zealand is a significant asset that needs to be capitalised for the benefit of growers and if they don't front up by 14 December, they won't get the chance again.