25 Oct 2012

New vege range highlights nutrient value

10:40 am on 25 October 2012

New Zealand and Australian research co-operation has led to a new range of packaged vegetables designed to help shoppers understand the nutrients they contain.

The vitalvegetables range has been developed in a decade of trans-Tasman collaboration between Plant and Food Research in New Zealand and the Department of Primary Industries in Australia.

The first five products include salad mixes said to benefit the heart, sight and bones, and a coleslaw mix and a vegetable medley for immunity.

Plant and Food researcher Jocelyn Eason says the vital vegetables have been grown to strict conditions.

She says the metabolism of the plant is altered by the way that it's grown.

Dr Eason says that means ensuring the vegetables are good quality and look appealing to the consumer and that they have high levels of nutrients.

She says they harvest the vegetables at the right time which means understanding when the nutrient levels in the vegetables are at their highest.

Dr Eason says the other step ensuring the vegetables are correctly packaged.

She says the Vital Veges range is being rolled out in supermarkets this month.