4 Oct 2012

End urged to push for buffer zones

12:45 pm on 4 October 2012

Federated Farmers is urging Transpower to give up on a push to have buffer zones for transmission lines built into district plans.

The lines company has received its second rejection by a district council.

Transpower wants buffer zones for high voltage transmission lines incorporated into district plans so there are controls on building or other development work within those corridors.

In August, the Western Bay of Plenty council decided there was no need to change its plan, as rules for buffer zones were already covered in the national code of practice for electrictal safety distances.

Now, Waimate District council has taken the same approach in rejecting Transpower's buffer demand.

Federted Farmers Waimate chair Colin Hurst says Transpower should accept that the issue of buffer zones is an issue for councils to decide, and save itself and councils further hefty legal cosgts.

Transpower has said it will appeal to the Environment Court on the Western Bay of Plenty outcome, but is still reviewing Waimate District Council's decision.

it argues that buffer zone requirements need to be included in district plans to give effect to a national policy statement on electricity transmission.

It says its ability to maintain the national grid is put at risk if district plans don't include rules on what development can occur under its lines