11 Sep 2012

Vine canker spreading on Coromandel

6:31 am on 11 September 2012

The latest infected orchards are all within a 10km controlled area which was set up around a Whenuakite orchard on 4 September.

Kiwifruit Vine Health is not surprised by the spread and reminds growers to report suspicious symptoms to packhouse managers, maintain a protective spray programme and not remove kiwifruit plant material from the controlled area.

Since PSA was first found on an orchard near Te Puke in November 2010, it's spread to all parts of Bay of Plenty, as well as being found south of Auckland, Waikato and the Coromandel area.

The disease has now infected vines on more than 1300 orchards, which collectively cover 6900 hectares, which is 50% of the area planted in kiwifruit in New Zealand.