14 Aug 2012

Tractor anomaly has contractors in a Catch 22

4:18 pm on 14 August 2012

Rural contractors say there's an anomaly relating to road user charges for tractors that the Government needs to resolve.

The Rural Contractors' Federation has welcomed proposals to simplify the operating rules for agricultural vehicles.

A two-tier system for agricultural vehicles based on a 40km an hour speed limit will allow those operating below that speed to be exempted from warrant of fitness and work time requirements.

Rural Contractors' Federation's executive director Roger Parton says it's happy with those changes, but there are still issues to sort out.

He says tractors operating at more than 40km an hour are required to have a road user charges licence based on distance, but tractors have no distance measuring equipment such as an odometer.

He says attaching an external device like a hubometer is impractical.

"Because the nature of the work is such that it'll probably be smashed within three days.

"At this stage we have yet to resolve that one and it's causing our members some heartache. Wherever they go to they get a different answer and you can't buy a road user charges licence unless you've got an odometer."