22 Jun 2012

New method to treat bore water

12:46 pm on 22 June 2012

Two Waikato University scientists have come up with a method to treat bore water on farms that is tainted by too much iron and manganese, making it undrinkable to animals.

The residues give the water a browny-orange colour and can be made usable only by treating using aerators, filters and ion exchangers, often expensive options.

The research is being carried out by Doctors Alan Langdon and Hilary Nath.

Dr Langdon says the new system is simple and uses an electric current to turn naturally occurring chloride-ions in the water, into chlorine without needing to have filters and tanks.

Dr Langdon says the system could also work as a low-cost solution for developing countries trying to overcome problems with access to clean and affordable water.

He hopes the PEFT system, (Perforated Electric Flow Through), will be trialled on a farm later in the year.