30 Mar 2009

New type of sheep drench launched

10:10 pm on 30 March 2009

The first new class of sheep drench in more than 25 years was launched in New Zealand on Monday.

The treatment, Zolvix, has been developed by Swiss company Novartis Animal Health which says it will be highly effective in dealing with the growing resistance to other chemicals of internal parasites, or round worms.

Norvartis' head of parasitology reasearch Ronald Kaminsky says the active ingredient monepantel kills even triple-resistant worms.

He the receptor for the drench exists only in round-worms which means Zolvix is tolerated well by sheep and is environmentally safe.

The company's global brand manager Arthur Redpath says farmers need use Zolvix responsibly and in combination with other drenches to reduce the risk of round worms developing resistance to the new compound.

New Zealand will be the first country to use the new drench, which is expected to be available within weeks.