16 Apr 2012

Plans to double mohair production

6:43 am on 16 April 2012

The goat industry has plans to double its production of mohair.

New Zealand produces about 45 tonnes of mohair fibre a year, most of which is exported to South Africa to be made into rugs and yarn.

It continues to fetch a good return at $13 a kilogram, due to steady demand and a drop in production worldwide.

Federated Farmers goat sector chairman John Woodward says New Zealand has the potential to boost production to help meet that demand, but to do that, the sector needs more farmers.

He says a perceived lack of 'farmability' has been a barrier to entry but major strides have been made in this area.

He says animals are now selected for worm resistance and are more easy to care for.

"We want to make sure the people coming in are getting animals that are farmable."

Mr Woodward says a levy could be introduced to help fund the expansion of mohair production and access to new markets.