7 Mar 2012

Remote areas may have to wait a week for power

8:04 am on 7 March 2012

Powerco says it could be another week at least before power is restored to the more isolated rural areas in the southern Taranaki and Whanganui.

The damage to the electricity network from the weekend storm has been so great it is having to undertake major reconstruction in some areas.

Remote areas around Patea, Waverley and the Waitotara Valley were among those still without power on Wednesday.

Powerco said Patea customers should have power restored by Wednesday evening but others in the wider south Taranaki area have several days to wait.

As well as knocking down hundreds of hectares of pine forests, the weekend storm flattened maize crops.

Growers estimate damage to more than 90% of the maize being grown for stock feed on farms between Whanganui and Hawera.

Federated Farmers maize growers' representative Hew Dalrymple says however, much of the battered maize will recover, and will be able to be harvested for silage.

Mr Dalrymple says the maize is due to be harvested in two to three weeks.