15 Nov 2011

Chemical clean-up after Christchurch fire

6:23 am on 15 November 2011

About 1000 litres of dangerous chemicals spilt when a fire in a Christchurch warehouse broke out and melted the containers they were stored in.

The Fire Service says the fire started at about 8pm on Monday in the Daily Freight warehouse on McAlpine Street in the suburb of Sockburn.

It was brought under control within three hours but a cordon remains in place because further chemical clean-up work has to be done.

The spilt chemicals include boron and others used in wood processing.

About ten firefighters and a hazardous materials unit will return to the warehouse to deal with the chemicals on Tuesday morning.

The Fire Service says the cordon stretches the length of the 600 metre road so there could be disruption to traffic.

The cordon was due to be reassessed about 7am on Tuesday.

The fire is believed to have started in a truck inside the warehouse.

No one was injured in the fire.