10 Aug 2011

Differences over protection measures for Hauraki Gulf

9:34 am on 10 August 2011

Politicians and environmentalists say the Hauraki Gulf needs urgent protection, but no-one can agree on what to do.

An environmental assessment of the Gulf issed on Tuesday, found it to be in a state of ill health, with pollution spreading and marine life waning.

The Environmental Defence Society advocates a single region-wide plan for the gulf, from the Bay of Plenty to Northland.

The concept is supported by the Hauraki Gulf Forum chair John Tregidga.

But Auckland Mayor Len Brown says the best way to address the Gulf's problems is through Auckland's 30-year plan, which is due for release this year.

He suggests other regions can come up with their own management plans to look after their parts of the gulf.

However, Mr Tregidga, who is also Hauraki district Mayor, says the gulf can't be divided into pieces and should be treated as a single entity.

The next report on the Hauraki Gulf will come out in three years.