11 Jun 2011

Some Wellington public transport fares to rise

5:47 pm on 11 June 2011

Wellington region commuters are facing higher public transport fares as the Regional Council seeks a rise in income to meet public transport costs.

In 2009, Wellington Regional Council raised most train and bus fares by at least 50 cents and doubled the inner city bus route fare to two dollars.

Now the council has agreed it needs a 3% increase in its revenue from fares as of 1 September 2011 to meet increasing public transport costs and will recoup the money through higher prices for multi-trip tickets and for journeys paid for using the pre-paid Snapper card.

These will increase by about 5%.

Fares for special stadium trains will increase by $2 per round trip for adults, and $1 for children.

The council's economic committee chair, Peter Glensor, says fare increases are necessary to meet ongoing and increasing costs on the public transport network.