22 Dec 2015

Pitbull denied chance to go home for Christmas

8:58 pm on 22 December 2015

A pitbull that ripped the skin off a woman's hand will not be going home to its Hastings family for Christmas.

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Photo: 123rf.com

The dog's owner Matt Fa'alele made a plea for family pet Lennox to be allowed out of the pound temporarily.

Hastings District councillors turned that request down today.

They heard how Taikura Rudolph Steiner school teacher Cherie Youngman was on a home visit to boys in her class in October when she was attacked by the dog.

Councillor Mick Lester, who chaired the hearing today, told Checkpoint it was the way the dog attacked the teacher that was of major concern.

"While the property was extremely well-fenced, it was the unprovoked biting as soon as the hand went over the fence without any warning, and our concern was that this could happen again to another visitor entering that property."