3 Jul 2015

Police use tear gas in Waitara search

5:54 pm on 3 July 2015

The Armed Offenders Squad used tear gas to execute a search warrant for firearms at a Waitara hosue today.

Mould St in the Taranaki town was cordoned off from about 7am and about 15 officers moved onto the property just before midday.

Some neighbours were asked to stay in their homes while others were escorted away by the police.

The Taranaki area commander, Keith Borrell, said no firearms were recovered at the address and no arrests were made.

The cordon was lifted early this afternoon.

Brian Boyd, who lives next door, said he was woken by police using a megaphone to call people out of the house, and there was also police activity on his own property.

"I did spot in my garden on the path... a joker there with a gun loaded on a tripod. He was there for five hours."

Mr Boyd said the family at the house are new to the neighbourhood.

The police say they did not recover any firearms from the property and have made no arrests.