24 Apr 2015

Police praise group for carjack rescue

5:28 am on 24 April 2015

Police are praising a group of men who came to the aid of a woman who was attacked in Auckland last night.

The woman had stopped at lights in New Lynn on her way home when a man tried to enter her car.

She escaped, but when she pulled over to call police, the man managed to open the door and allegedly assaulted her.

A group of eight young men nearby heard screaming and tooting, and came to her aid.

One called the police, one stayed with her, and the others went looking for the offender and found him.

After they surrounded the man, he tried to escape.

One of the men Barrie Olsen said he managed to trip the offender before he got away.

"He's run straight towards me, while I'm on the phone, and somehow I manage to actually kick his legs from under him as he ran past me and tripped him up, and the rest of the boys piled on top of him, and we held him there till the police got there."

Waitakere Police Area Commander Inspector Scott Webb said the men handled the situation well, and that it could have been much more serious if they had not acted.

A 22-year old man was charged with assault with intent to rob.