9 Apr 2015

Man charged for attacking police dog, officers

4:57 pm on 9 April 2015

An Auckland man charged with assaulting two police officers and a police dog after a chase near Hamilton two years ago has had nine months added to a sentence he is serving for three aggravated robberies.

Alex Tereora, 32, was jailed last year for eight years and ten months for breaking into a Papatoetoe house and terrorising the occupants before robbing them.

His co-accused, John Koteka, received 13 years jail.

Both men were caught after a police chase near Cambridge.

In the Hamilton District Court today, Tereora was sentenced on eight charges, including injuring a police dog, assaulting two officers, burglary and escaping lawful custody.

The dog was found unconscious by his handler after Tereora tried to choke him but survived the attack.

Officers got into a struggle with Tereora, who was eventually arrested.

He received two months jail on each of seven charges, to be served concurrently, and nine months on a burglary charge will be added to his sentence.