11 Mar 2015

Man found dead in council flat

6:03 pm on 11 March 2015

A man was discovered dead in a Wellington City Council flat after a neighbour reported a smell coming from the unit.


Photo: 123rf

Dean Stewart, aged in his sixties, was found in the same Berhampore flat where another man's body was found in similar circumstances in 2009.

A council spokesperson said he could not say how long the man had laid dead. Clayton Anderson said council staff and police found the body when they entered the flat at the end of January.

The man was known to keep to himself.

The council's city housing manager, Vicki McLaren, said it was the third death in similar circumstances in council flats.

"We always look at these situations to see if there's anything we can learn from them, or anything we change.

"Clearly we made a number of quite significant changes to the way we manage our tenancies following the earlier deaths. Quite a large number of initiatives have been put in place since then - they're in place now and operating really successfully."

But Ms McLaren said it was unlikely the council would change how it manages its housing programme in the wake of the latest discovery.