10 Jan 2015

Nearly 150 organs housed in Woodville

8:14 pm on 10 January 2015

The Woodville Organ Museum in Manawatu is home to almost 150 organs of varying shape, size and grandeur.

organ keys

Photo: RNZ / Max Towle

For the past 10 years, Milton and Rosalie Wainwright have run the Woodville Organ Museum, inspired by a passion for the sound each instrument makes.

Milton and Rosalie Wainwright

Milton and Rosalie Wainwright Photo: RNZ / Max Towle

Some of the organs the Wainwrights have amassed are kept in their garage and in the outside shed under sheets so they do not gather dust.

The most Mr Wainwright has paid for one organ is $1500, and he has driven almost the length of the country to collect them.