4 Apr 2014

Stewart Island celebrates Norwegian whaling base

9:50 am on 4 April 2014

More than 100 people, including Norway's Consul-General will gather on Stewart Island on Friday to mark the protection of a piece of history.

The former Norwegian whaler’s base at Price’s Inlet.

The former Norwegian whaler’s base at Price’s Inlet. Photo: NZ Historic Places Trust, Otago / Southland Area Office

A former Norwegian whaling base known as Kaipipi Shipyard, at Price's Inlet, last month became the first 20th century marine site to be granted specific legal protection.

The site has the remains of a dozen whaling boats and propellers, buildings, jetties and an entire sunken 1853 whaling boat.

Rakiura Museum volunteer Lee Wadds says there are many relics left that have been damaged, so it's good to know they are now recognised and safe.

He also says it's amazing how many people on the island have Norwegian ancestors from the whaling station.