20 Dec 2013

Councillor goes to police over article

8:46 pm on 20 December 2013

A Dunedin City Councillor is complaining to police about an Otago Daily Times article which he says lost him votes in this year's council elections.

Lee Vandervis, who was re-elected, said the article is slanderous and breaches the Local Electoral Act.

The article by Otago Daily Times reporter Chris Morris rated the performance of the city councillors out of 10.

He gave Mr Vandervis a grade of six, saying the councillor grandstands and becomes red and angry during council meetings.

The article came out on 21 September, coinciding with the first mailing of election ballots.

Mr Vandervis said it breaches the Local Electoral Act, which prohibits interference with anyone who is about to vote.

The Otago Daily Times would not comment, except to say it will let justice take its course.

The Dunedin Electoral Officer said she is waiting for legal advice.