16 Oct 2013

Harawira wants proof of land receipts

7:52 am on 16 October 2013

Ngapuhi kuia Titewhai Harawira has challenged the Crown to produce receipts for the land it says it bought from her people after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Mrs Harawira gave evidence on Tuesday at the fifth week of Waitangi Tribunal hearings into the Ngapuhi claims, being held in Whangarei.

She said the documentation produced by the Native Land Court which authorised Maori land sales was extremely poor and in some cases fabricated.

Mrs Harawira told the tribunal that Maori in the 1800's would have had to travel days to a Native Land Court hearing, only to find the venue had been changed and their land was gone.

She said in many cases the crown had no proof it had lawfully bought Maori land.

The public hearings continue on Wednesday at Forum North in Whangarei.

Hapu from south of the harbour are giving evidence about what they say are dubious deals by the crown and councils to take land for the Ruakaka racecourse, the refinery and the port at Marsden Point.