9 Oct 2013

Residents clear up after 'tornado'

9:33 am on 9 October 2013

Devonport residents in Auckland are continuing to clear debris on Wednesday morning caused by a violent burst of weather.

Many residents thought a small tornado had swept through the area on Tuesday night after roofs were lifted, and streets and power lines littered with debris.

Damage in Devonport's Vauxhall Road.

Damage in Devonport's Vauxhall Road. Photo: RNZ

A Devonport resident Pam Churchill told Morning Report she was convinced a tornado had landed in Devonport when she saw trees bending horizontally and the roof of a house entangled in powerlines.

"From nowhere it just started to blow and these trees, I've never seen trees bend so much without breaking. I didn't realise then that it had gone on to cause so much damage.

"We went for a walk and saw (a) house in Sinclair Street had lost part of their roof and that roof was entangled in the power lines."

Metservice says a tornado is not out of the question but the damage is more likely to have come from a strong gust of wind.

Other parts of Auckland also had wind and rain but there were no reports of damage.

Metservice says showers are forecast for Auckland on Wednesday, as well as westerly gales gusting up to 100 kilometres an hour.

Auckland Council are to help Devonport residents clear debris from the freak wind.

Seven houses will need to be checked by council workers and electricians are assessing any damage before power can be restored.

Council says contractors will also help remove debris.

Metservice says westerly gales gusting up to 100 kilometres are forecast for Auckland on Wednesday.