28 Aug 2013

Debate on Auckland growth plan begins

8:44 am on 28 August 2013

A bid to change a key feature of the growth blueprint for Auckland could dominate the start of a marathon council debate.

Auckland Council members will spend the next three days finalising a draft of the Unitary Plan, which re-shapes the city for the next thirty years.

Changes to an early draft of the plan seemed to appease the most vocal critics.

However, lobbying on the North Shore has persuaded Councillor Ann Hartley to seek the removal of provisions that would allow more dwellings of various sizes on larger suburban sites.

Deputy mayor Penny Hulse said the provisions are intended to encourage a wider variety of housing styles. She told Morning Report the rule covers 70% of Auckland.

Ms Hulse said the loudest voice heard from the community is a call to make housing more affordable, and ensure more homes are built.