3 Apr 2013

Pacific children and Maori more at risk on Auckland's roads

9:50 pm on 3 April 2013

Research shows Maori and children from Pacific communities are at the greatest risk of being killed or injured on Auckland's roads.

The study by University of Auckland researchers released on Wednesday looks at those killed or hospitalised after accidents on Auckland roads over eight years.

Maori of all ages were 65% more likely to be involved than those of European ethnicity while children from Pacific descent were 31% more likely to be hurt or killed.

The research shows the risks are also higher for those living in southern, less affluent, parts of the city and rural areas.

Auckland Transport says it has already focused road safety programmes, especially in schools in the communities highlighted by the research.

A kura kaupapa principal is calling for new road safety campaigns targeting Maori and Pacific communities.

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hoani Waititi principal Rawiri Wright says more campaigns targeted at Maori and Pacific people would help raise awareness about the issue.

He says bilingual advertisements in Maori and Pacific languages would catch the attention of those communities and help them realise the problem needs addressing.

The Automobile Association is also backing the call.