1 Feb 2013

Tuapeka punt crossings stopped for months

7:49 pm on 1 February 2013

Damage to an historic South Otago ferry which crosses the Clutha River has suspended operations for several months.

The Tuapeka Mouth Ferry, known locally as the Tuapeka punt, was initially suspended on 10 January because of flooding in the Clutha River, 30km north-west of Balclutha.

Damage to the ramp anchor point, on the Tuapeka Mouth side, caused the suspension to be extended.

The Clutha District Council, manager district assets, Jules Witt, says the ferry was due for maintenance work this year and will remain out of operation until repairs are complete, which he expects will be in March.

He says the historic ferry, which crossed the Clutha River twice a day, is used mainly by tourists.