23 Apr 2012

Auckland transport may get Chinese investment - mayor

1:51 pm on 23 April 2012

Auckland's mayor Len Brown says some of the region's transport projects may be funded by Chinese money.

Mr Brown led a nine-day trade mission to China last week, visiting sister cities Guangzhou, Qingdao and Ningbo, as well as Beijing and Shanghai.

The sectors represented included education, film and animation, tourism, biotechnology, investment and infrastructure.

Mr Brown expects new deals to be announced within weeks, securing millions of dollars in new business for the region.

Along with investors in other parts of the world, Mr Brown says, Chinese investors are interested in public-private partnerships to build some of Auckland's transport needs.

"I had four or five significant organisations and banks, with governmental support, expressing genuine interest and a desire to be part of a process if our council agrees that these are one way of delivering part of our transport."

He says either agreements or clear outcomes were reached in tourism, education, film and infrastructure.

The mayor says he's likely to travel to China twice a year to strengthen the relationship.