7 Feb 2012

PM confident of Maori Party support

12:25 pm on 7 February 2012

Prime Minister John Key is confident the Maori Party will support National on supply and confidence right through to the next election, despite its threat to walk from the agreement.

The threat was made over the inclusion of Treaty of Waitangi provisions in any new legislation paving the way for the partial sale of four state-owned energy companies.

The Maori Party is a support party for the Government, but at the same time, has encouraged iwi to go to court to test the treaty provisions.

Labour leader David Shearer says the Government's partial asset sales process has come off the rails, and the Government could lose one of its support parties.

Mr Key says the Government's majority is rock solid and he believes the Maori Party will continue to support National on confidence and supply.

And, he doubts the Maori Council's claim to the Waitangi Tribunal will slow the sales process.