15 Mar 2011

Harawira says he'd consider working with anyone after election

10:38 pm on 15 March 2011

Independent MP Hone Harawira says he'd consider working with anyone after the election, including the National Party.

Mr Harawira quit the Maori party after disciplinary proceedings were brought against him, for criticising the party's support relationship with National.

The leaders of National and Labour have ruled out any deal with Mr Harawira, or any party he might lead.

But Mr Harawira says it would be unwise to rule out talking to any other party, and he wants to keep all options open, including National.

He says he'll work with anyone, if it advances the cause of Maori in New Zealand.

Harawira told to abide by agreement

Former Alliance Party president Matt McCarten told Waatea News Mr Harawira needs to abide by the terms of his divorce agreement with the Maori Party and not stand candidates in other Maori seats.

Mr McCarten, who was involved in negotiating the agreement, also says some Maori Party MPs are taking Mr Harawira's criticisms too personally, and they need to toughen up.

Maori Party president Pem Bird says it's time for the party and Mr Harawira to declare a truce.

Mr Bird says when Mr Harawira left the party to be an independent, he agreed not to stand candidates in seats held by the Maori Party, and the party said it wouldn't challenge in his seat of Te Taitokerau.

He says he wants to rebel MP to honour that deal.