27 Nov 2010

Brash criticises Key government

8:37 pm on 27 November 2010

The former National Party leader, Don Brash, is criticising the Government's efforts in trying to catch up economically with Australia.

In notes for a speech to be delivered at a party gathering in Orewa on Saturday night, Dr Brash says the Government needs to look at every policy, and whether it helps to reverse New Zealand's economic decline.

He says getting state sector spending under control is crucial, but believes the National-led Government has not announced any measures which will reduce the deficit.

Dr Brash, who is also the chair of the 2025 taskforce to bridge the wage disparity with Australia, has criticised National's policy on business tax, saying changes to depreciation rules have completely undermined the reduction in corporate tax.

He says the National Party should also be questioning why a bank, trains, planes and electricity generation are all in public ownership.