8 Nov 2010

Room for new left-wing party, says Bradford

12:09 pm on 8 November 2010

Former Green Party MP Sue Bradford says there is room in New Zealand politics for a new left-wing party.

There has been speculation a new party could be formed involving Ms Bradford and the Unite Union general secretary Matt McCarten.

Ms Bradford says a new voice to the left of Labour is important because, despite recent signals, the party is returning to its socialist roots it needs to move away from right-wing economic policies.

She says a new political party for low wage workers and beneficiaries is an interesting idea and she will be watching Matt McCarten's campaign for the Mana by-election with interest.

Ms Bradford says she and Mr McCarten - a former president of the Alliance Party - will share a stage in Auckland later in November.

Mr McCarten says he has always believed there is a need for a strong left-wing voice in Parliament, but there have been no talks and his campaign for Mana is not a dry run for a new political party.

Mr McCarten says he will not allow himself to be distracted by an abstract idea.