3 Nov 2010

Review of MPs' travel expenses inevitable - Goff

4:11 pm on 3 November 2010

Labour leader Phil Goff says it is inevitable that the Government will undertake a major review of MPs' travel expenses.

Labour is opposing a ruling by the speaker, Lockwood Smith, that the names of MPs who claim rebates on private international travel will be kept secret.

Dr Smith is also considering allowing MPs to nominate a so-called "home base" away from Wellington, enabling MPs who live in the capital with their family to claim out-of-town expenses for that home.

Mr Goff says it's time for Prime Minister John Key to review the trade-off that allows MPs to be remunerated with airfares for holidays.

"I think he needs to lead a review to find a fairer, more sustainable, more acceptable and more transparent way of ensuring that MPs are renumerated but not through the privilege of being able to travel on holiday," Mr Goff says.

A spokesperson for Mr Key says the Prime Minister will be recommending full disclosure of MPs' expenses at next week's caucus meeting.