14 Oct 2010

Minister accused of pressuring police over guns

6:17 pm on 14 October 2010

The Green Party is accusing the Minister of Police of putting pressure on the Police Commissioner to put guns in all police cars.

Judith Collins says lock-boxes for firearms in all patrol cars could be rolled out within a matter of months, although the decision is up to police to make.

At present guns are held in locked compartments in the patrol cars of some senior sergeants and senior officers.

Police headquarters is expected to complete a report into access to firearms by the end of the year.

Green MP Keith Locke says Ms Collins is putting undue pressure on Police Commissioner Howard Broad to go further.

He says her proposal is only a step short of fully arming the police, particularly following comments by the Police Association that putting guns in every police car is a minimum move.

The Maori Party says the minister should have waited for the report to be released before commenting.