19 Sep 2010

No skeletons in my closet, says next on ACT's list

9:54 am on 19 September 2010

The ACT Party member next on the party's list after disgraced MP David Garrett says she has no skeletons in her closet.

Dunedin-based property and commercial lawyer Hilary Calvert would only become an ACT MP if Mr Garrett resigns from Parliament.

Mr Garrett quit ACT this week after it emerged that he had used the identity of a dead baby to obtain a passport in 1984; he has taken two weeks' leave from Parliament to consider his future.

Ms Calvert says that, to the best of her knowledge, nothing in her past could compromise her representing ACT in Parliament.

The only thing that vaguely comes to mind, she says, is that a tenant of a property partly owned by her manages a brothel on the premises.

Ms Calvert says she would have no problem with anyone running checks on her background.

Meanwhile the Law Society says if it receives a complaint over Mr Garrett, who is also a lawyer, it will investigate.