17 Sep 2010

Transport minister admits to careless driving offences

5:46 am on 17 September 2010

Transport Minister Steven Joyce has admitted in Parliament he has two convictions for careless driving.

During debate on the first reading of the Land Transport Amendment Bill on Thursday, Mr Joyce said he did not have a flawless driving record.

Later, he made a personal explanation to Parliament outlining just what offences he had committed.

"When I spoke in my first reading speech of my own driving record, I was operating from memory.

"Subsequent to that speech, I received a media inquiry as to the penalty I received, and reviewed my record from the Ministry of Justice.

In fact, I had two convictions for careless driving within a two-year period - not one - in 1998 and 1989."

The admission comes a day after ACT MP David Garrett revealed to Parliament he used the identity of a dead child to get a false passport. He was discharged without conviction in 2005.

The MP has also revealed he was convicted of assault in Tonga in 2002.

Later, Mr Joyce said that Mr Garrett's confession, and the nature of the legislation, had prompted him to come clean.