25 Aug 2010

Deposed deputy facing tough questions, Hide warns

5:54 am on 25 August 2010

ACT leader Rodney Hide says his deposed deputy has some tough questions to answer upon her return to Parliament.

Heather Roy's future with the party remains in question after she was dumped as deputy by the party's caucus last Tuesday.

A day later, a dossier prepared for Mrs Roy's defence ahead of that vote was leaked to the media.

That detailed an almost total breakdown in the relationship between the Mr Hide and Mrs Roy.

Mr Hide says the caucus and Mrs Roy are still considering whether there is a way back for her.

"Heather's on leave and she needs to be thinking through her options. I think the difficulty she's got is she's put herself into a position where there are a lot of tough questions to be asked."

Mr Hide says Mrs Roy is now expected back the week after next, as next week Parliament is in recess.