15 Jul 2010

Safety record to influence workplace ACC levies

8:42 pm on 15 July 2010

The Government is planning to change the way Accident Compensation rates are levied.

From 1 April next year, levies will be adjusted in line with a workplace's history of accidents.

Under the changes, larger businesses will be assessed on their safety record for the previous three years and their fees discounted or increased by up to 50%.

Smaller employers will have a 10% no-claims bonus or face higher costs depending on their workers' injury claims.

ACC Minister Nick Smith says the changes will provide strong safety incentives and deliver a fairer system for dangerous industries like forestry.

He says safe forestry businesses are effectively subsidising those with a poor safety record.

This proposal, Dr Smith says, will allow those business with a good safety record to enjoy the benefits of lower ACC premiums.