19 Oct 2009

Govt still looking for numbers for ACC changes

3:48 pm on 19 October 2009

The Government will resume talks with its support parties this week as it seeks to stitch together a majority in Parliament for ACC changes.

Legislation was due to be debated under urgency last week but was put on hold at the last minute when the Government realised it did not have the numbers.

The Bill defers the date by which historical claims have to be fully funded to 2019 and makes cuts to several entitlements.

The Government needs the votes of either ACT or the Maori Party to pass the legislation.

ACT is pushing for parts of Accident Compensation Corporation to be opened up to competition.

As part of its 2008 election policy, National had said it would investigate this, but since taking over as ACC Minister Nick Smith has said it is not a first-order priority.

The Maori Party, which opposes privitisation, will discuss the Bill on Tuesday.