12 Aug 2009

Tuhoe confident of reaching agreement with Crown

7:19 am on 12 August 2009

Tuhoe are confident that agreement will be reached with the Government on the settlement of grievances following an offer put to them by the Crown on Tuesday.

The offer is compensation for land confiscated in the 19th century.

Te Kotahi a Tuhoe chairman Tamati Kruger says the offer is being considered at hui around the tribal area.

It addresses cultural issues, ownership and management of the Urewera National Park, compensation monies and Tuhoe self-governance issues.

Mr Kruger told Waatea News the distance between the Crown offer and the iwi's position, is not too far apart and he believes an agreement in principle can be reached.

He says the iwi expects to go back to the Government with its response later on Wednesday.

Waatea News says it's understood the Crown has offered around $150 million as compensation and agreed to work towards greater autonomy for Tuhoe, co-management of the national park. It has also accepted special cultural issues need redress.